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February 3, 2009 / Greg Vaughn

Mazatlan photos

Mariachi band at sidewalk cafe in Old Town, Mazatlan.

Mariachi band at sidewalk cafe in Old Town, Mazatlan.

The great thing about Mazatlan is that it’s both a fun beach resort – particularly nice for a mid-winter dose of sun and warmth for those of us from more temperate climes – and a city with a lot of history and culture easily discovered in the Old Town area.

I came back from my recent trip to Mexico with more than 2,000 photos to edit, and have been wading through the processing, captioning and keywording necessary to ready the images for publication. My stay in Mazatlan was most enjoyable, although all too short. So many photos that I wanted to take but just didn’t have time on this trip. For a sample of what I did manage to get this time, click here and have a look at the Mazatlan web gallery on my website. Comments welcome.


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  1. CheyAnne Sexton / May 1 2009 4:01 pm

    your photography is awesome. I know what you mean about not getting all the shots. We, my honey and I drove down the Pacific Coast for 3 weeks this winter and I saw sooo many (1000 +) images, I wish I would have taken more.
    peace n abundance

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