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March 26, 2010 / Greg Vaughn

Chatuchak Market, Bangkok

Flower vendor at Chatuchak Market in Bangkok

Flower vendor at Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok.

There are street vendors all over the city in Bangkok, but one of Thailand’s biggest and best known marketplaces is the Chatuchak Weekend Market on the north side of the city. Popular with locals and visitors alike, you can find just about anything here – beautiful Thai silk, pirated DVDs, packets of spices for cooking, fake Rolexes, all kinds of freshly prepared Thai food, Buddha statues and carved elephants, you name it.

Most vendors have established stalls, but the woman in this photo just sat down on the side of the main street through the marketplace and spread out her flowers on a couple of banana leaves. One of the great things about photographing in Thailand is that, when you ask the local Thai people if you can photograph them, they invariably smile and say yes (in words and/or gestures). After making my photos, I bought some flowers from this lady, and for 10 baht (about 30 cents) I moved on with the scent of the tropical blossoms and another wonderful impression of Thailand.


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